financial checklist helena murphy

Make managing your business finances easy with this daily, weekly & monthly task checklist

“I never know what I’m meant to do and when to do it, to keep on top of my finances.”  

This is exactly how I felt in my early years running my business. Then I saw the light.  

I was exhausted (literally) of feeling sick when it came to managing my money. So I decided enough was enough and created a daily, weekly and monthly system to ensure I was always in financial control of my business. To this day I use this system and it is LIBERATING. Not only does it mean I am free from stress and overwhelm, but this system ensures I’m always in profit, I know which parts of my business are “the money-makers” and exactly how much money I have.  

It is the most amazing feeling, one I couldn’t keep to myself, so I’ve put together a handy checklist for you to download so you can implement this system and feel financial control too.